Throughout history, political cartoons have often embraced satire as a way of dealing with serious topics, such as Watergate.


News and television cameras, perhaps related to the Senate Watergate hearings. By Joseph Papin. ca. 1973. Library of Congress

Watergate Political Cartoon



Take a look at different sections of the political cartoon one by one and answer the questions that accompany each section. At the end, you will see the completed cartoon.


Source: Library of Congress

Cropped Image 1

Keeping the Watergate scandal in mind, who might have said “Keep in step”?

Cropped Image 2

Choose one: Who might have said, “Don’t put up any resistance! Just keep in step.” President Nixon, fellow Congressional Republicans or Congressional Democrats?

Cropped Image 3

The man has President Richard Nixon's features and a label of "Veto Power" on his jacket. What building is in the background? What other measures could a U.S. president take in order to wield his authority over Congress?

Cropped Image 4

What is the relationship between the Nixon-like men in black jackets and the man in the middle? How does the cartoonist convey Nixon’s desire for power and authority?