According to the New York Times, “In the days after the fire, editorial cartoonists seized on Americans' infuriation over the graphic pictures of charred bodies in a makeshift morgue, and used art to press for labor reforms.” In this interactive, you will take a close look at the role editorial or political cartoons play in journalism, particularly around serious issues, and reflect on the potential impact of such artwork.


Use the magnifier to answer questions about the photograph in the boxes below.


McClure’s Magazine, Sept. 1911. Permission has been granted for educational purposes only, courtesy of the New York Public Library.


Annotate this Image

Directions: Scan the front page of the newspaper, utilizing the magnifier to help you. Then use the annotation tool to take notes on the following questions:

  1. How do you feel, seeing this political cartoon?
  2. What does the caption in the cartoon mean?
  3. How do the articles on the right side of the page support the cartoon’s message?

Download the notes to share with your class.

Source: New-York Tribune. March 28, 1911. Library of Congress

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