Thérèse Bonney’s photographs of homeless children and adults during World War II, which came to be known as “truth raids,” reached millions of people in the United States and abroad. Bonney published photo-essay books, including Europe's Children (1943), and mounted one-woman shows at the Library of Congress and many museums.


Take a look at the New York Herald Tribune’s page that highlights Thérèse Bonney’s “truth raids.” Use the magnifier to help you take a closer look at the headlines and images and answer the questions below.


“Thérèse Bonney Brings Back Pictorial Record of Europe's Tragic Children” by Dorothy Dunbar Bromley, New York Herald Tribune, Feb. 28, 1943. Library of Congress


Annotate this Image

Directions: Read the Photo-fighter comic about Thérèse Bonney below, using the magnifier to help you. Then use the annotation tool to take notes on the following questions:

  1. What are some images that stick out to you first and why?
  2. Why is the comic book called Photo-fighter?
  3. How is the term “truth raid” used?
  4. Which panel seems the most important to you and why?
  5. Who is featured in Bonney’s photographs and what might this tell you about her work?
  6. What do you notice about other individuals on the page?

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Source: Comic based on Bonney's work. Photo-fighter, True Comics, July 1944. Library of Congress

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