Maine’s “Tough-as-a-Lobster” newswoman May Craig had a fifty-year career as a journalist. While many female reporters were assigned to cover “women’s news” or the “society pages,” Craig was one of the few general assignment reporters.


Use the magnifier to examine this article by May Craig and answer the questions in the boxes below.


In "Hitler's Mountain," May Craig described her visit to Hitler's home in the Bavarian Alps where he stayed for much of World War II. Intransit, Aug. 1945. Library of Congress


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Directions: Take a look at the photograph below featuring May Craig at a press briefing with other reporters; use the magnifier to help you. Then use the annotation tool to take notes on the following questions:

  1. What do you notice first?
  2. What action is taking place?
  3. List the people, objects, and activities in the photo.
  4. Which ones seem important? Why?
  5. How does the photograph’s caption at the time, “A Woman's Place…Is in the Front Row. Reporters at a news briefing,” reflect the issue of gender equality?

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Source: A Woman's Place . . . Is in the Front Row. Reporters at a news briefing. Harris & Ewing, Nov. 1935. Library of Congress

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